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Call for Presentations : India CLD Summit 2018

I would like to present on "Best practices for Plug-in Architecture based Application development".


  1. Intro to plug in Architecture using
    • Call-by-reference
    • Invoke node
    • Dynamic dispatch
  2. File path management for plug-ins
    • Symbolic links and paths
    • Relative paths
    • Absolute paths 
  3. Compiled Code(CC) management for plug-ins
    • VI with CC vs VI without CC vs VI without BD.
    • PPLs vs Lvlibs.

and some more things around this topic.



அன்புடன்				|Regards
அனிஷ்பிரபு தி. |Anish Prabu T.
முதல் இந்திய ஆய்வுமெகபொப சிற்பி |First Indian CLA
டெஸ்ட்ஸ்டாண்ட் சிற்பி |CTA
மற்ற சான்றிதழ்கள் |Other Certificates:
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I would like to present on -


Topic : Streamline applications using LabVIEW Class


Abstract : How to streamline all the application software in a single application domain developed by multiple developers using LabVIEW class. 


We often see that in a single organization, working in a single application domain, multiple developers create different flavors of application software over the years, which becomes difficult for the operators to use and remember the functions. It takes time and effort to train people on those software as well. In this presentation we will try to figure out a way by which, using LabVIEW Class based approach we can streamline all our application software in a single application domain.


Presenter :  Shubhajit Bagchi, Moog India Technology Center

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Hi All,


I am Muthuraman and am excited to meet you all in this year's CLD summit.


I would like to Present on "Best Practices to improve throughput of Software development lifecycle"


This is a generation where organizations have adopted agile based software lifecycle management to meet faster release to market, early customer feedback, ability to adopt to change, better team collaboration and so on.

This presentation is intended to share some best practices being used in various stages of software lifecycle in labview & Teststand based agile environment. This includes best practices focused towards Continuous integration, Continuous delivery / Deployment for better software development process throughput.

This presentation also includes some open ended questions for interactions.


Warm Regards,

Muthuraman S

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Hello ,

I am Venkat & I would like to present on " Software Architecture with Unified modeling language (UML) & Best Practices"


As the strategic value of software increases for many companies ,business seek techniques to manage the complexity of software & systems  as they increase in scope and scale. There is also strong need to solve recurring architectural problems, such as physical distribution, concurrency, replication, security, load balancing and fault tolerance. The Unified Modelling Language (UML) was designed to respond to these needs.

The presentation addresses the need of UML , UML diagrams & how UML can be used in different stages of LabVIEW software development, LabVIEW UML plugins , Automatic code generation & some best practices.


Best Regards



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Dear All,

I would like to present on "Best practices for Inter and Intra Target Data Communication"


1. Common Pitfalls of Data Communication

2. Communication Types

3. Inter-Process Communication

4. Inter-target Communication


Presenter - Hemant Chourasia, Certified LabVIEW Architect


Let me know if have any suggestion.



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Hi Everyone,


The Agenda for CLD Summit 2018 is now live on following link:


Everyone whose presentations have been selected please reply to the message sent by the Chair of CLD Summit coordinating team.



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Please send your real name, company, designation, email address, and contact details to the chair of CLD Summit 2018:

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Please send your real name, company, designation, email address, and contact details to the chair of CLD Summit 2018:

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