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spambots again

@muks wrote:

Why doesnt the forum ban the user name?

The "forum" does not do much unless the moderators are aware of the problem. Apparently that particular community group received so little traffic that nobody noticed and reported it so far. If nobody sees the spam, is it really there? 😄


There are good mechanism in place to report spammers, so it is very important that the users alert the moderators that the problem can be addressed. It only takes a few seconds to report and they will take care of it (probably tomorrow, because it is Sunday)

P@Anand wrote:
May be the same user or a group with frequent different user name. I feel there must be a restriction on creating user name from a same IP or something similar.

 A very large part of users is on dynamic IPs that change often, and it is very likely that there are also legitimate users that will use that IP in the future. blocking IP addresses is typically not a viable solution.

@muks wrote:

Yes and creating a username every time you want to spam will atleast create a speed bump.  Is jordan listening  

E-mail verification is already in place, and it is a speed bump that makes the spammers now work harder for fewer results. Of course there are disposable e-mail addresses (mailinator, etc) that they can uses, but it still slows them down significantly.


Accurate detection and prevention of spam without generating too many false positives is a hard problem, else it would have been solved long ago. The most accurate spam sensors are still the regular forum users.  So please report any suspicious content on sight. 😄


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Yes I have seen the Report to moderator option and successfully reported one Spam on Job openings and within an hour its gone.

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Righto altenbach. And going through this thread I should be feeling lucky that I am not PMed with spam atleast.

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The spam is removed from the E.N.A.B.L.E.D community.

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One of altenbach's pet peeves pops up again - advertising spam!

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