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"What Software Developers Do When They Are Not Developing Software".

The Breakpoint has been quite lately so I will post some updates just for fun.


My better-half and I got started excavating for the door to the basement.





The cinder block wall that was crumbling came down fast.


I then took down the rest of the cinder blocks and excavated around same so that I could get down to the concrete footer.


That is where thing got hard.


A demo-hammer/hammer drill barely scratched the surface and I was faced with days or weeks if I proceeded that way.



So my brother and I decided it was time for a bigger hammer. Off to Harbor Freight (aka cheap tools cheap) and acquired the second biggest jack-hammer they sell. The largest one was 70 lbs and I thought would be hard to handle so I went for the 35 lbs version.



After a one hour test session I accomplished much more than I had after many hours with the hammer-drill.



After a full evening of wielding the beast I have an opening that is about as large we will need and maybe another night of hammering may clear the rest of the concrete and let me return to the digging.


One note on that last video. The large chunk of concrete that can be seen inside the crawl space WAS the footer for the wall to the left of the doorway. It had been undermined by the rain gutter feeding into the crawl space. When I removed three of the cinder block directly under the back beam of the house, the footer fell into the crawl space along with the rest of the block on top of it. I was not in the hole at the time it came down. There is still enough support that house should not be following in the paths of the footer (we hope).




So that is my dirty little update for today.


Take care,



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The work done last year to develop those two springs to feed the pond actually worked to keep the fish alive over the winter.





I am looking forward to developing more springs when the opportunity presents itself.




While book-work would tell me the water temp would be above freezing, it is nice to see that it played in end.


Science is so cool.




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I spent the fourth of July week digging out the basement so we can install the HVAC and water heater there.


Brutal work jack-hammering out the shale, shoveling it into buckets and then getting them up out of the hole to a cart and then dumping it.


Physics tells us the work we have to do to raise the buckets out of the hole is the most demanding part of the job. So we pulled out the stops and went all technical on it.



So now the "hard part" is done by my better-half who sit on the edge of the gorilla cart and pushes the button to run the Harbor Freight hoist to pull two buckets out of the hole at a time.


We did have to upgrade from a 16 to a 20 foot ladder now that hole is getting deep enough to stand up.


"work smarter, not harder"





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