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"What Software Developers Do When They Are Not Developing Software".

While there were some bugs left at party time (Ray and his lovely wife Francine had a ton of other prep for their fantastic party), the Family Feud game was a success! Kerry and I drove the 3 hours North from our home to attend and were very glad we did!


We didn't fly, but does travelling internationally for a party make us "Jet Setters"?  A point of interest, when crossing the border into Canada, having told the agent that the purpose of our visit was a party, he replied, looking at the computer listing of our previous crossings, "so this is a regular event around this time". We have attended three times now.

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We're glad that you had fun!  I think it was our best to date.  Each year it gets better, although people state that there is no way of surpassing it. 


The bug was my fault...  I forgot to wire a constant into the New Game state.  Now I need to automate a steam engine to crank the questions and answers... even during a power outage.  LOL!  Inspired by our buddy Ben, of course! 

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