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"What Software Developers Do When They Are Not Developing Software".


Hello everyone!


I thought this thread is a proper place to give some news about myself, since I am in the state "not developing LV" since July. I just finished the 3 month long probation time here at my new job in Budapest, and my work status became a "regular" position now! πŸ™‚ I have to say this semiconductor industry is a very interesting but also hard topic, I feel again like in the university, learning a lot!


Beside, to be honest, I really miss LV development, which I do not do any more at this position, since I am "deployed" as a physicist. Hey, and I start a local training in C# next week, since this is the major programming environment at my new job place (but as i said, my main role is not software dev any more).


I have a couple of questions, and I seek advice from you people, I explain the thing a bit more in details below, if you do not mind πŸ˜‰

As a future plan, which might never become a reality, I kind of considering to do some "second job" in my free times, like developing in LV for certain projects. A possible "gate drug" for such business could be a recent family connection, where a small family owned company might consider to start to use LabVIEW as a developing platform in the close future (their previous programmer got retired, and their old apps were developed in Visual Basic, now they consider to move to something "more modern"). At a first mention of LabVIEW, the boss at this family firm was very sceptic, but after giving him more details, he got a bit more interested. He would like to see some demonstration before considering buying licence, etc...

To be cost effective, as much as possible, I think now a 1 year subscription of a LV Base edition could fulfil the requirements, and of course a permanent licence of the LV Application Builder should be also added to the package. In this way, this could be like 2000 EUR plus VAT, which is not bad (since the App builder is a one time spending, and the 1 year subscription of LV Base is only like 400 EUR plus VAT).


The required features are Event handling, serial port communications with third party HW, C DLL calls, and some network communications. As I see the BASE edition "knows" all of these, except the limitation namely no Web Services included. The server application needs to be able to run as a Windows service (I never tried such thing before, right now I only found this info: link ), without a GUI (server side), and being reachable via the local network from any Internet Browser. I think the clients (also LV apps on some other Windows PCs connected to serial HW components) could communicate to the server via NI Network Streams which as much as I know works fine. However, do you know any method to be able to browser access app built from LV Base from a browser?


Thanks people for any hints and advises, and have fun with your recent devs! πŸ™‚ 

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@Blokk wrote:
and being reachable via the local network from any Internet Browser.

It might be worth looking into using NXG and getting the WebVI toolkit.

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@crossrulz wrote:

@Blokk wrote:
and being reachable via the local network from any Internet Browser.

It might be worth looking into using NXG and getting the WebVI toolkit.

Thanks, I will look into it! But it brings in another extra 1000 EUR into the game πŸ™‚

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As an experiment, I tried out using a shop vac to clear out the spring head of the second spring that I had left uncovered for a few months.



I had to run more than 100' of extension cord and then ran the vacuum for hours but it worked great.


Who cares if the nosey neighbors peek out their window and say "Look Martha, that crazy guy is out there trying to vacuum up all of the dirt in his yard!"





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What do I do when I don't write code?


Well...  not much... ah guess..


Just build a house, cook food, write books and plan theme parties..  Oh when I have time, I try to play drums..
I'll post photos when I don't do any of the above..  Did I mention run a small company?
And most importantly, enjoy good wines with the wife..  πŸ˜„
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Stay tuned Ray.


The wife and I started a vineyard, soon to be two years ago that has about 15 grape vines trying to survive the ravages of Bambi. We transplanted then in December of the year before last since I had understood, it was best to transplant thing when they are dormant.


Re: dormant

Who-da-thought that poison ivy was still a threat in the middle of December? The wife got a bad dose of it and it took us a couple of days to riddle out what it could be. At one point she thought it could have been something she picked up from sparing gear used in her Kung Fu class.



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Ben, I promise that I will not mess with your wife...  LOL!


at fencing or Kung Fu or any martial arts... 
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The roof is done!


That means I will be switching to other tasks related to getting that property ready to rent out. Things like decks and other normal stuff for a house.


But that will not be the end of the fun since we still have that wreck of a place waiting for us to complete gutting and do the rebuild.


A little at a time, and just keep at it!



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After completing the caulking of all of the gutters last night, I recorded a short video to review the completed roof project.



With the time change coming this week-end my outside after work projects will be coming to an end. Transitioning to winter mode and remembering what I do then.


Take care,






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November 4th Ben. Daylight saving time ends. At least you'll get to work early Monday 

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