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guessing the UI framework which was used for this application

Hello Dear LV programmers!


I missed the forum for a long time! 🙂 Well, the dark side took me in, C# dev mainly, and actually not even programming role in the last ~3 years, as being a SW product owner as main part of my job. So more SW design planning, and coordination of SW dev, customer relations, etc...



I wonder, if someone here with wider experience, could guess what kind of UI framework was used for this specific product, I will just put a link here. For sure this can be totally custom thing, but sometimes I guess it is possible to pinpoint if they used a commonly available framework/platform just by looking at the style? 🙂
Anyway, here it is:


Any thoughts? 🙂

Have nice day everyone, and have fun with LabVIEW! I have to say I miss it sometimes! 😉   

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Do you have information that the UI is LabVIEW based?

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No, no such info. I just raised the question here because i know some developers here are "cross platform", not only developing in LV...

I was aware of the fact that my question is way too long shot 🙂

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There'd be some serious challenges to get that done in LabVIEW.


Not impossible, but definitely lots of work.


Examining the application (exe?) might help. It would rule out or confirm LabVIEW immediately, at least as the main program (LV could still be used in dlls of course)

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It is well possible that there is a lot of embedded LabVIEW (RT, FPGA, etc.) under the hood, but I agree that the UI is quite heavily customized and could be anything.

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I just set up an older XE-100 in my lab and one of the installation requirements was Java runtime. I would imagine then that the UI of the XEP/XEI software was written in Java. It would not be a stretch of the imagination to assume that Java is their de-facto in house language.

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If it IS based on LabVIEW, installing their software on a clean Windows install will install the LV runtime. Easy check.

Of course, that doesn't mean the UI is LabVIEW, but without the run-time, it certainly isn't.

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It reminds of one of our in house program that's written in Java, so i'd guess the UI is that. If the rest is ... we can only guess.

It'd be interesting to try a Java UI using LV dll's or some LV web service or the like, it should work well.

I'm guessing the math and instrument part is easier in LV?

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