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Who has inspired You?

I have had the opportunity to reflect on my personal sources of inspiration in the last few days.   Those heroes that each of us have personally known who shape not only who we are but, provide a standard that we measure ourselves by.


I would introduce you today to my greatest mentor and an enthusiastic fan of mine.   The Amazing Mrs. Bohrer.   (As far as the linked tribute goes, I could not have said it better myself) 


I have often been surprised when meeting new clients,  coworkers, vendors and colleagues  that they knew my mother either personally or by reputation through someone else she had helped or inspired. 

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Sorry to hear of your loss.


I lost both of my parents in 2010.


I gave a eulogy at my father's funeral describing him as the good Samaritan. He couldn't see a person in need and not do whatever was in his power to help.


He served 23 years in the air force and then became a lifetime member of the local VFC. He was transported to the cemetery in a fire truck and then an air force color guard took over and gave him a 21 gun salute.


He taught us to give our all to help others in need.



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