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What is this and what is it used for

We have lots of Phallus impudicus - Wikipedia in our garden.


According to the English Wikipedia, and etable (tastes like radish) and even a 'cure' to prevent cancer.


The Dutch Wikipedia (Grote stinkzwam - Wikipedia) mentions however:

"The strong smell does not suggest that this mushroom is also edible. The stem of juveniles of the great common stinkhorn is edible; As he gets older, the psilocain level increases, making him too toxic for consumption.".


It does mention that it might prevent cancer, though.


I guess it depends where it grows?




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Where we pass our fall hollydays, the girls riging horses, all walking in the forest, we only collect Boletus_edulis .. and we usually find more than we want to eat fresh, so we slice and dry them. (Well, after some years, we know the places :D, and there have been years, where we only took the ones near or on the trail, you have to cut your path clear 😆 )

The cauliflower fungus can be found too (and it taste good, however we prefer the 'Steinpilz') , and a lot of others, I have o ask my dauther for some pics (Even with the best camera, I make bad pictures 😉 )


Greetings from Germany

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@altenbach wrote:

One day in the middle of the deep forest we met a probably 90 year old lady with bad eyesight doing the same. We asked her how shell tells if it is poisonous and she replied that she breaks off a small piece and holds it against the tongue for a few seconds.

Maybe she was just allergic to many poisonous mushrooms?  I have a family member that is allergic to soy.  He can smell it in food.  Well he doesn't really smell it, he can smell a candy bar and if it gives him a headache or bothers him then it has soy in it.  Food makers are more allergy minded now, and labels are better then they used to be, but this used to be his main method of knowing if he should eat something.  He has a real hard time walking by the bread aisle.  He first discovered he had a soy allergy when he made a bottle for his infant with formula.  He accidentally spilled some on his forearm and it looked like a chemical burn.

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@altenbach wrote:😄

My favorite was always the Reizker fried in butter. This one bleeds bright orange when you cut it!


(For example, the Death Cap  is reported to taste excellent and by the time (much later!) you notice poisoning symptoms, it's too late.)

Ah yes, the "sirovka", we also enjoy it with butter.


The spicy test only works with Russula shrooms (white straight stem, brittle like chalk and leaves on the underside), tho i usually still go by looks not just taste test. Not that i collect them often, but my in-laws do.


Once we accidentally stumbled upon black chanterelles, the best damn risotto i've had in my life. Unfortunately i've never found them again (not even in the same place where i found them the first time).



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