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VIPM Pro features become free in 2023

Just saw this article from Jim which sounds pretty exciting:


Short summary, we will get some VIPM pro features (like vipc configuration files) for free in VIPM 2023, and LabVIEW will also ship with Project Dragon, or at least its features. 

I'm hoping we don't need to be using LabVIEW 2023 to make use of these features.

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Great news!

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Wow this is really cool.  One of the lesser known (but awesome) features of VIPM is the VIPM API in LabVIEW.  This allows for calling various function in VIPM from LabVIEW, like building new versions.  This feature was locked away behind the pro version so I never did too much with it.  But if it is included in all versions I might give it a try.


Another awesome pro feature I do use is the Pre build, and Post build VI calls.  You can have VIs that do custom stuff before a build.  And with this feature if you don't have the pro you previously could just run the VI yourself before making the build.  But hopefully now you don't need to think about it at all.


Oh and another thing is the scanning for dependent packages.  I loved that feature for dependency tracking.  If you had the free version you could manually add dependencies, but you obviously needed to know the dependencies you added.

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