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This is Hooovahh

@Hooovahh wrote:

One station involved robots and had several light curtains to protect operators.  The idea is that if someone walks past a certain area, the robots would stop moving and not hurt the operator.  This was part of the requirements document that was specified.  So as a test, when the robot was moving we pushed a chair into the light curtain.  And watched in horror as the robot continued moving and eventually finished its move operation.

Was their first response "the requirements doesn't say anything about chairs"?  


Guess that will be a problem when AI starts kicking in. "I'm programmed to stop for operators. That killed cleaner isn't an operator, the overall was blue, not red.". 

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Just had one today.  I was walking a new engineer through some of our test software showing him how it worked with test management, hardware abstraction, test control, reporting, and other features.


Co-worker: So is this the software you use in the test lab?  How did you get it?

Hooovahh: What do you mean?

Co-worker: Well I mean it obviously isn't written in LabVIEW

Hooovahh: <Biggest Grin Under a Mask> Oh of course its written in LabVIEW.

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