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The start of a new era dawns with The passing of the first Knight.

Within hours of posting his last reply to the forums he was promoted to wire VIs for God.


For more than 15 years he graced us with his dry humor and wisdom , no non-sense replies that were right on the target.


He was the first Knight of NI as recognized by The Father of labVIEW Jeff Kodosky   and one of the first nine  LabVIEW Champions.


I will miss his humility as exemplified by his his avatar which was the default




  He claimed it was appropriate for him since he lived in the Rockie mountians of Colorado,


If you have any examples where Dennis helped you, inspired you, of made you smile, please let us know.


I pray that those Knights that follow in his steps can preserve the example he established and seek to emulate the sandard he lived always giving, seldom asking..He was the labVIEW Don Quixote 


Your brother in virtual wire,





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I am saddened to learn of the passing of our first and most prolific Knight. His insight and advice will be missed.



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That is indeed sad news, particularly for children who lose both parents at a relatively young age. With the fragmented nature of communicating on the forums, it's often easy not to notice when someone isn't around, even if it is someone as active as Dennis, so news like this can come as a surprise even when it's three months old and it's good to be made aware.

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I'm saddened by this news also.  And also surprised that it was 3 months ago.  Dennis' presence on this forum has been prolific, I didn't realize that he hadn't posted in 3 months.  (Though as I get older, 3 months seem to go by ever faster.)


May he rest in peace.

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I did notice that he had not posted anything since February.  I am saddened to hear this news though.


To me, Dennis was the guy on the forums who would always tell it as it is.  He got a lot of scoff for it, we often made funny comments about it, but he was almost always on the money when he posted (which was a lot).  Dennis indeed left a great mark on us all.  He will be missed...


Ben, out of curiosity how did you hear of this news?

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Oh man, that's a downer.


I never met him but the overriding memory I have is the nagging question as to whether this magical figure "Dennis" actually existed or whether the account was a pseudonym for a team (a TEAM!) of people internal to NI answering people's questions.  I suppose it was first with the Knighting that I realised for sure that he actually existed as a person.  He had something about him that placed him in a completely different league (knowledge and experience being two important things of course).  It was hard to think of him as one of us, he was beyond what I could even aim for.


He was always there. In the background.  Popping up all over the place.  Answering questions.  I took him for granted.  He felt like a fundamental law of nature within the LabVIEW universe.  It's hard to realise he's gone.


Condolences and best wishes to his nearest and dearest.

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Wow, that is terrible.  Dennis obviously had an impact on the LabVIEW community and will be missed.  His years of service will be remembered.  He clearly loved helping others, and I appreciated all the hard work he put in to make the community, and the LabVIEW users base better.

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Indeed this is bad news for the NI community. He definitely will be missed.

I recall some postings where his straight-forward parlance really made me laugh and admiring him. His way to deal with stubborn, learn-resistant posters were unique!


Dennis, i salute to you!



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I'm so saddened to hear this news.  While I never got to meet him in person, Dennis was a beta tester for years.  His presence and contributions will be missed.


Lisa Ely

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Wow, this is a huge bummer. 


I'm happy to say that I was fortunate enough to meet him a few times.  Shortly after I moved to Colorado I attended a user group meeting he was at.  I didn't know he was in the area and was very pleasantly surprised when we were doing introductions to hear his name.  He was one of my first teachers when I joined these forums shortly after working with LabVEW for the first time back in 2008.


A few months later I ran into him at the grocey store, and we chatted for a bit. 


I'm sad to hear of his passing.  He will be remembered.

Tim Elsey
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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