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The start of a new era dawns with The passing of the first Knight.

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And Brian Renken very active early on and the original owner of the domain is raising goats in CA.  I got ahold of him a few years back and got the domain from him for the mailing list.  But he seemed quite happy with dealing with wire fences instead of wire code.  The list just turned 27 years old!

That is a goal to which I aspire. I hope to follow his lead in the very near future.


While developing new and exotic applications in LabVIEW has been entertaining and fun, the constantly changing environment and the challenge of keeping up with the changes gets old after 42 years. Turning my back on the tech world and surrounding myself with God's creation and things that have been the same for all time is quite a wonderful thought.




It is not just the keeping up that gets old.

It is the fact that my experience is no longer valued.

I have seen job ads for companies who do it on the cheap with technicians instead of engineers.

I have seen job ads for companies who only want to hire those with ideally 5 years of experience.

The jobs that I am qualified for are one-hour commute one-way --- if they want to hire me.


I forgot another thing I am tired of --- products manufactured overseas and those test engineers asking for help here --- TIRED of it.



I am just tired of it. 


Assuming I can find a full-time job, I would be making less than I was at Lucent 15 years ago.





I got tired of the contract deal too.  We need one more guy in a nice climate.
PM me 

I think that would be more than an hour's commute from his Hobbit Hole in the making.

Certified LabVIEW Developer

Senior Test Engineer North Shore Technology, Inc.
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@JÞBI think that would be more than an hour's commute from his Hobbit Hole in the making.

"Hobbit holes" can be quite nice.

Wake up at 8 am.

No commute.

Spend time on Facebook.

Read some emails.

Lounge around.

Eat lunch.

Work on some Arduino projects.

No commute.

Eat dinner.

Watch some TV.

 Go to bed.




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I am saddened to learn of the passing of our first and most prolific Knight. His insight and advice will be missed.


Since Guenter has bumped this thread it may be time for me to point out that Lynn may have followed Dennis.

I have not been able to contact him via messaging or e-mails.  anyone can show I am wrong please do so!

Lynn was a mentor of mine and kept my knowledge of FFT's filters, etc. lively.

God's speed to you Lynn!


Lynn's profile shows a visit on 2019-08-25


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I have been on the road last week. I am late in reminding that Dennis passed away five years ago.

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And still ranking impressively in kudos per year!

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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I realize I'm about 5 years late in posting this, but my brother and I recently found this thread. Dennis was our father and I just wanted to say how moving it was to read all the kinds words and see what an impact my dad had in this forum, even after his passing. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you everyone for the kind words and remembrances. 

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