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Starware - A new concept ?

chilly charly a écrit:
Adding a command to the Tool menu was a great idea ! Where did you find the property node JPD ?

It is a private property that I originally found exposed in the Web Publishing Tool (or what it was called in 5.1...). I still wonder why such an innocuous and useful property is kept private...

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@chilly charly wrote:
And to avoid tst complains (because that would not be a smart way for him to reach the 3 golden bars level ;)), here is a 7.0 version. I guess some other will also behappy with that...

'Him' ? I thought the consensus was that tst was female?? Sitting on a total of 1999 posts and no doubt just itching to send in another one.
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The attached starware finds the version of a freshly opened vi. May be that will decrease the number of not-the-right-version posts.

Drop Get VI version into the Project folder (inside the LabVIEW application folder) and restart LabVIEW. A new sub-menu (VI version...) will appear in the Tool menu. Call this menu after opening an unknown vi.

Now, if somebody knows how to create short-cup menus for the Tool menu items...
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Charly, can you check the html code in your sig? it seems to mess the board layout in Firefox. Thanks

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I'm not sure it's the sig, because it doesn't do this in other threads (although it has stopped moving).

Correction - it seems to be a problem whenever he posts an attachment.

I say, let it be...
At most, we can't give Charly any stars. Smiley Very HappySmiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy

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It seems to mess only threads with attachments...
Sorry for the 4*s, my mistake Smiley Sad

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Here is an application that I came up with that allows to edit the graph properties of any vi. Still hacking it together, any and all feedback is gratefull. Tell me what I can do better or what I should not do at all. I do not want to fall into bad habbits as that will be easy for me to do. I did not use subvis because I wanted it to where anyone can put it in there tools menu I got most of the ideas from openG and I give them the credit they deserve. I created this tool because I work with graphs alot and some of the times I'M out in the sun with a laptop collecting data and sometimes the graphs are hard to see.



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OK, here's a slightly different application which is not strictly LV related. We constantly hear that sitting in front of the computer all the time is not good for you and that we should get up every once in a while. I also keep forgetting to go to lunch. I also had downloaded quite some time ago the ActiveX tray icon object from this site and wanted to do something with it.

So, I wrote a small application which combines all three - it sits in the windows tray, provides a popup at set intervals to remind me to get up and provides a popup to remind me to go eat lunch. It can also be disabled so that you don't start getting popups in the middle of important meetings.

Now, I realize that at least some of this functionality can be achieved through programs such as Outlook, but I don't have anything like that running and I find this to be light on its feet (except for the LV RTE overhead).

More details:

  1. Most importantly, this will only work in windows, because the core of the application is minimizing it to the system tray. This can obviously be worked around by creating a completely invisible or floating application, but I don't want to.
  2. This needs the ActiveX object which can be found here. You have to install it. I tried once to handle tray icons through DLL calls, but the structures are rather complex and I didn't have time to go over it properly. I don't know how many versions of windows this will work on. I tried it on XP and it works fine. I deleted those VIs from the LLB, so when you open it, it might need to search for them.
  3. It includes some VIs from winutil32. As far as I could see, they all use functions from user32.dll, so I don't think anyone should have a problem.
  4. The path to the icon is in the INI file and is absolute. You need to modify it depending on where you place the program or you will have a blank space in the tray instead of an icon.
  5. My suggestion (and what I did) is to build this into an EXE and place it in the startup folder. That way it runs every time I start the computer.
  6. The ActiveX object randomly returns errors (even "critical" errors). So far, they didn't seem to affect the continued operation of the object, so you might choose to disable the error popup.
  7. This is not exactly the version I'm using. My version has several proprietary VIs which I had to replace. I quickly tested this version and it seemed to work fine.

There are probably some other things which I can't remember at  the moment. I'd be happy to hear if anyone had ideas for improving this, although I don't think I will personally add any improvements to it, as it does what I want. One thing I thought about is displaying a random line of text, taken from the INI file, instead of the usual line, but I'm not bored enough to implement that.

Disclaimer - if your computer explodes because of this, it's not my fault! Blame it on the Boogie! Smiley Very Happy

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I have a request concerning the CreateDiagramPicture vi for anyone who has time to fool with it.  I wish I had the time.  Presently this vi creates a png file of the complete block diagram and/or front panel (correct me if I'm wrong), and it works great.  CC, JPD, and Altenbach did a great job.

Sometimes I want to create a picture of just part of the diagram.  It would be nice if the vi could be modified to create a picture of only the selected part of a block diagram.  Is this too much to ask?  If it is, I can always edit the picture as it is now.

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If I remember correctly, I looked at the available scripting methods at the time and did not find a native method for getting just part of the diagram. I think the only one available was the one that was used.

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