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Rube Goldberg Code

Re: Sequence-itis

I've heard stories about this guy (boolean == true?) but I never thought I would see one.

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Re: Sequence-itis

I'm surprised none of mine ended up in here.
Still confused after 8 years.
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Re: Sequence-itis

LOL! @ Ralph! 

We all have code that shows up here at one time or another.... We 'll have to dig deep to find examples from Altenbach!! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Sequence-itis

Attached is a "PLC Driver" in LLB form. Open the file "PLC Checksum" as the main VI.
I inherited this. It was used EVERYWHERE here before I started. It is even capped off with a "if true = true, then true" code block.
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Re: Sequence-itis

Found this in a variation of the above "driver" for another instrument. The device didn't always respond as expected... so... repeat for command length. (Up to 256 char length) and wonder why it seems so slow. This function is called about 1000 times in the sequence. Also note the "special" case use of the error handler.

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Re: Sequence-itis

Someone mentioned bad icons or at least a hint about "creative" icons when talking about the icon for "cell" values.

When I was an intern at NI (2001) I wrote up a demo that used 1 arb across 4 scopes. The VI that handled the synchronization had an icon of a kitchen sink, including the open window above it with curtains and a wonderful sunny day. The Software then called a VI to trigger the test... I drew a handgun.

Last year (2006) I took the first iteration of the "Advanced I: Architectures" course. About half way through they covered "bad" icons that were so localized that ANYONE outside of the country and some in the US wouldn't understand them... Both of my icons were first on the list.... woohoo, I made the cut!

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Re: Sequence-itis

I'm the only one that interfaces with the block diagrams in my company, heck I'm the only one that even knows a little about what labview does.
My last project I beat myself silly on a SubVi for a week, when I finally got it to work, the icon is just a smiley face.  That's gonna confuse someone!
Still confused after 8 years.
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Re: Sequence-itis

LOL!!  Oh yeas... the smiley face icon...

I did that last year.  We worked all day trying to figure out a bug.  The RF engineer & I sat down and basically coded a solution on the spot.  It was one of those "don't ask... it works... don't ask...". So I drew a smiley face Icon (twas late) and put the controls and indicators to interface with the existing code.  It was a temp fix..  Well, the smiley faced vi is still there..  LOL!!! Smiley Happy

Smiley faces and other unsusual icons seem to last a long time..  I guess it goes with the "don't fix what's not broken" approach.  Smiley Happy

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Scale and add the first three elements of an array.

Here are a few ways to scale and sum the first three elements on an array:
Some ways are easier than others. Of course if we keep the upper style, we need to fight with huge diagrams even for simple programs. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Rube Goldberg Code

In this post we have an excellent example of how not to do a "Strip Path" function:

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