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Rube Goldberg Code


Re: Rube Goldberg Code

One of the funniest questions ever asked (seriously answered by NI, at an eCLA summit I think), after introducing first the diagram cleanup, then the quick drop:




Would QD make it possible to do a diagram clean up (Ctrl+space) followed immediately with a (Ctrl+Z).


It took a while before the engineer answered: "Yes! That's possible now we have the quick drop!". Completely missing the intended pun.


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Re: Rube Goldberg Code

@parthabe wrote:

Actually, it is the other way around!


BD Cleanup affects almost everything (except, maybe, comments)!


If you have any structure with Autogrow enabled, BD Cleanup would still reduce the size of this structure if it it unnecessarily/unusually big/large.


Did You mean comments without attachment arrows? Or hashtags,? With auto drag off and no bookmark managers active?  


You don't want to auto drag, attach comments, bookmark and bookmark manager plus Ctrl+U.   But  fire the guy that makes you want too do that anyway 


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