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Random Posts (An alternate to side discussions)

I usually shave about once every 3 or 4 weeks.  Grow out big beard, starts to get food in it, shave down to a goatee, repeat.  But I was actually starting to shave more regularly going for the friendly mutton chops look.  Lock down happened and now I'm back to not shaving.

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@_Bryan wrote:

I have actually been in training for this since last September.  That is when I moved across the country and started working from home. 


✔️ The wife suggested growing a beard since it was getting cold in October

✔️ Found good slippers to work in (you can wear the cheap slippers out wearing them everyday)

✔️ Sweat pants/pajama bottoms

✔️ Lots of free/swag tshirts

✔️ Used to staying home all day

✔️ Still excited about making trash runs to the local collection area on Thursday's to get out of the house


It is just hard to figure out what to wear for casual Fridays....... 

I'm not gonna lie. Until I read it twice, that first point made me think your wife might want to check her hormone levels.....

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Does anyone else watch the news waiting for them to tell us that people are starting to turn into Zombies? Sure feels like we are in some really strange movie. I keep hearing of all the side effect and symptoms. I keep waiting see that if you have been effected that 6 moths later you start to change.


Just a thought,

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Oh man, watched 28 Days later during the lockdown. You can certainly identify way more with the film in these circumstances.


Great film at any time, but amazing film for this particular period int ime if you like horror/thriller. Also Alex Garland had his hand in it who made one of my all-time favourite films "Ex Machina".


Maybe "I am Legend" is also worth a mention....? These films are starting to feel more like documentaries.....

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RE: Zombies, the movies speed up the effect, to fit within the couple of hours they run, start watching in another 3 months.. Here in the US we gave the CDC a hard time about 8 years ago when guidelines relating to a Zombie apocalypse... Then again, peer in many living room windows and after viewing he entire NetFlix library twice you may see many turned into Zombies.

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Looks like the a world without face masks is behind us.


Is it a plot of ugly people of dating age?


We may never know.



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@Ben wrote:


Is it a plot of ugly people of dating age?

I thought it was a way to force people with bad breathe to smell themselves all day.

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Beauty salons and barbershops have been shut down all over the country.  It's getting ugly out there.

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Looks like people have no choice than to show their true (hair-) colors!

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wow, this forum's changed a bit since the last time I logged in. 


So far i'm batting 1000 with a motorcycle helmet being an acceptable face covering.  I'm okay with this.


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