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Programming Trivia Pop Quiz: Make it TRUE!

@crossrulz wrote:

@JÞB wrote:

Time for another


That's a Rube Goldberg.  I can replace that with one node.

Truly Tim?  Including the lesser known trivial idiosyncrasies?  Each node and wire is there for a reason.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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@JÞB wrote:

Including the lesser known trivial idiosyncrasies?

I didn't say anything about that.  Just your code as a whole can be replaced with a single node, hinting at what the answer is.  I was in a hurry at that time so I couldn't make the snippet.




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I sort of thought that it was important to point out the Zero iteration For Loop produces an empty boolean array into the And Array Elements.


Not every programmer would suspect that the Output could be TRUE with an empty array in.


Case in Point (Down deep in the guts of an express vi) we find where a Scalar Value merged with a couple of Waveforms cause the -20333 error.  Arguably, the error is properly thrown HOWEVER, it completely masks that the cause, in this case, is the improper merging of signals into a DDT with not even a warning generated that the developer is in error and should dig through the Xvi for where the data integrity check fails.  Had the Express vi done the most basic of data testing on the DDT prior to passing it on to code mere mortals should not look into, the developer error would be obvious.  Yet, since the flaw only rears its ugly head in the case where a novice would use the express vi instead of the Align and a DDT we really only have added to the confusion of the novice while confirming the validity of the initiates distaste for Express VIs.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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