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NI Roach Clip

Has anyone else received the latest NI gift?  If I remember correctly from college, it was refered to as a roach clip - an aligator clip on a handle.  Has anyone else received one or are they trying to tell me that my posts are so bad I must be a stoner? 

I'm still trying to decide if this is funnier than the drinking and driving bottle opener keychain from 8 or so years ago.

Bob Young

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How about this?

I didn't get it yet.

Try to take over the world!
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For those of you who don't know what a roach clip is (as a co-worker claims), or just want to see what I am talking about, here it is. Roach clip From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A roach clip is a clip, or holder, that is attached to a cigarette (usually a marijuana cigarette). Its purpose is to let the smoker smoke the last piece of the cigarette ("roach") without burning the lips or fingers, and to facilitate passing around the roach without dropping it.

The classic, most familiar roach clip is the hemostat, a surgical tool resembling a lightweight needle-nose pliers with loop handles and a locking mechanism, originally intended to clamp blood vessels closed during surgery. Their size (usually four to six inches in length) and shape (available with straight or bent tip) make them ideal for holding the burning end of a marijuana cigarette to the lips without burning them. They are popular enough as "roach clips" to be sold at "head shops", purveyors of drug paraphernalia.

Another popular type of roach clip is the alligator clip. These are generally smaller in size (one to three inches in length)than hemostats, but feature a spring to hold onto the roach without any sustained effort on the part of the smoker.

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Guys... you are smoking too much (or too few Smiley Very Happy) !

Maybe you spend too much time coding. This "thing" would be very UNhandhy to hold a marijuana cigarette !
Meanwhile, to hold a picture of you kids on your desk it would be perfect !


We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.


Antoine Chalons

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I just got mine yesterday.  

Couldn't help but ask myself, "How'd they know?"
Patrick Allen:
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We just had a couple show up in the office here. We DID find one thing that it was really good for:

Amusement.  With everyone coming up with ideas on what it's supposed to be for.

Clip is a little too strong (and sharp) for earrings.
The unit falls over if you use it to hold paper.
Pulls too much on the shirt as a tie or a lapel pin.
Works okay as a third hand to hold wires for soldering, but a little too tippy.
Clip is strong enough to mark cards and pictures. Didn't want to damage the pictures.
Roach clip? Well, maybe if you wanted to lose your job (okay, so I wouldn't HAVE to use it at work).
It hangs off the desk lamp okay though. Picks up the light nicely too.

Just some ideas we kicked around...

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Yes it looks like us CVI users from across the water can also qualify for this token - just got mine today. I think it is a nice gesture from NI and I appreciate it.
Thanks, NI.
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Just got mine, only if I used it like the previous item (through around the office if I did something wrong with LV), I think my boss will be less happy!

But I wonder did you all got it from New Zealand?

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I got mine just a few minutes ago.

And it also seems to come from New Zealand - hm.. I'd rather have gone there and get it.. 😄

I also appreciate it - it shows that NI honors what we do here.

Thanks NI!!

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I just got mine.

And it also comes from New Zealand with the compliments from NI in the USA and it was made in Taiwan and sent to The Netherlands   Smiley Wink

Now I can choose which star to throw......Smiley Very Happy


Thanks NI

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