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Multiple monitors, monitor spanning and remote desktop


I work from home otfen via VPN and Remote Desktop.


Microsoft initially pledged to allow for full multiple desktop support in Win7 Professional but then reneged on that.  Currently it (the "use all my monitors for this connection" option) only works if the target system is Win7 enterprise of Win7 ultimate.  As such I am forced to use the /span option when connecting to my work PC via RDP and VPN.  This way my physical work PC with 2x1600x1200 monitors actually shows up on a glorious virtual 3940x1200 workspace over my RDP connection as my PC at home has 2x 1920x1200 monitors.


So, given that the opening of VIs in the middle of my two monitors at home is a small annoyance compared to the increased productivity otherwise I can currently tolerate this solution.  Today, however I noticed something weird.  My colleague started my PC for me on monday (I was working from home) and I connected, started LV (with my virtual 3840x1200 workspace) and got all productive.  Fine.  Today I came to the office and logged into my still-running PC and what happens?  LabVIEW realises that I have a different resolution but it doesn't seem to realise that I don't have a single virtual monitor any more.  As a result, maximising a LV window will maximise it to 3200x1200 spanning both my real monitors. I have to restart LabVIEW for it to realise that the workspace has changed.  Sometimes when testing I don't want to have to restart LabVIEW for things like this.  Although I have to admit, the relatively frequent crashes I experience DO actually make this problem less noticeable. 😉


Can we have some method of letting LV know what the REAL desktop is instead of doing a one-off check when starting?  Other programs (Outlook for example) seem to make the change just fine.  They maximise just like LabVIEW do on my virtual 3840x1200 workspace at home and maximise to 1600x1200 when I'm in the office).  They don't get confused.  They realise that both total resolution AND the number of monitors has changed.  As such I tend not to believe this could be a graphics driver issue.


Am I the only one who has ever seen this?


I'm using LV 2012 SP1.



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This sounds like a very specific corner case issue. When developing the IDE I don't suppose NI thought the number and resolution of monitors was going to change often without first shutting down the PC or restarting LabVIEW at the very least. 
I've not seen this myself, all my monitors are standard 1920x1080 so if I introduce a new screen or VPN everything is always exactly the same.


Good luck with the issue though.

Thoric (CLA, CLED, CTD and LabVIEW Champion)

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@Thoric wrote:

Good luck with the issue though.

Hmm. Yeah.  I won't hold my breath.


It doesn't even happen every time, today I switched from physical to VPN to Physical and it worked a charm.


Bah, the number of non-reproducible bugs is starting to really -yeah here it comes- bug me.

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