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Microsoft Visual Programming Language

Hi All,
How is Microsoft's new Visual Programming Language not an alpha knock off of LabVIEW?
Does this portend increased preeminence of LabVIEW in the near future or just affirmation that Microsoft is two decades behind the curve?
Best regards,
-Bill  =]
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that is very interesting. there is some dataflow nonsense in there...Smiley Very Happy....

....and is clearly not designed for programation, but it seems a very good step forward. LV has a clear advantage tough, being on the market for so long, with so dedicated R&D.
are we on the verge of a new programming era?

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What's even more interesting is the Services for Lego Mindstorms NXT

I can see it now- Battle of the Bots: "In this corner is LabVIEW powered Jeff, in the other, Microsoft powered Bill"


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Typical Microsoft to steal someone else's ideas.  I'll put my money on Labview powered Jeff.
- tbob

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@tbob wrote:
Typical Microsoft to steal someone else's ideas.  I'll put my money on Labview powered Jeff.

i already did Smiley Very Happy i have LV installed on my newly formated computers and not Visual Studio Smiley Happy

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I actually hope that most of the lemmings that follow Microsoft-Powered Bill realize their C#'s and J#'s belong in the Smithsonian next to the historical kiosks memorializing COBAL and FORTRAN...

I know I am preaching to the choir, but when I mention I teach my university students LabVIEW exclusively, they react as if I am very wrong-headed or at the very least naive.  I guess the same folks would like me to teach glass-blowing and vacuum tube manufacture as well.  sigh...

-Bill  =]  

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@Gabi1 wrote:

I remember seeing that several months ago and the one thing I did sort of like about it was the looping structure they used in the bottom part.
It's probably not practical if you want to scope the section of code being looped, but I thought it was nice.

Anyway, was this written by an AE?
Whoever wrote it really can't keep their wires straight*. Smiley Very Happy

* Aplogies in advance to all the AEs who can code straight.

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Typical Microsoft solution; instead of computing they talk us to death!

"The number is one"
"The number is two"
"All done!"

They forgot "Would you like to apply the Visual Programming TTS Exploit hot-fix patch now? Say OK, Cancel or Retry Now. Remember, the exploit reverses your responses, so please say Cancel to continue..." Smiley Very Happy

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Now is the right time to use %^<%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%3uZ>T
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@Gabi1 wrote:

I am curious about race conditions here. What guarantees that the "All Done!" is spoken after, and not before, the last number is pronounced?


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Christian asked "What guarantees that the "All Done!" is spoken after, and not before,..."
If we aply LV-noob-think to that question the answer is "The number is ... TexttoSpeech" is above and to the left of the other so it MUST execute first. Smiley Mad

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