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McAdam 2000a Digital Audio Analyzer System

@crossrulz wrote:

James-B wrote:Also, I see that there's absolutely no love for "benchtop" instruments in the LabVIEW forums!  😛

That's because NI makes all of our instruments modular.Smiley Tongue


Seriously, there are certain instruments I have to have as a "benchtop".  Oscilloscope is the main one.  I know NI has their digitzing cards, but they are a pain to perform debugging with.  That's why I have a tektronix scope sitting in all of my test racks.  Nothing like a full instrument with knobs and buttons to play with when the pressure is on.

Tek scopes?


OK they are wonderful- but seriously?   NI-Scope- is not supported by TEK.  yet,  "Same Day Display" is a feature rserved for another company (Keylight?)

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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If you still are looking.

Retired 2005-repair shop.

I own a 2000A and have a small amount of "moldy" info that I can copy and send at no charge.

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@James-B wrote:

Hey all,




Thanks guys




This is what it looks like currently:




A working nixie tube display. Nice!


I still prefer the old-school physical knobs to the menu drop-down labrynth of modern scopes.


The title of this thread caught my attention since I developed one of those about 3 years ago but of course mine looked different. 


Digital audio analyzer.jpg


It used one of every type of modular instrument that NI sells save a DMM.


De-muxing the left and right channel of a stereo digital microphone was a bit challenging and I was hoping to learn of how others had cracked that nut.



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