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Life as a LabVIEW Developer

Hi cc,


Any career changes yet? 🙂

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Hi Gregory, 


I recently took my CLD and passed but didn't change my career yet, I have some circumstances that require some stability in my career but when that's done I'll be looking at LV jobs again 🙂

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So I have been looking for a while for  LV related jobs and unfortunately, all require extensive embedded hardware/SW knowledge and electronics knowledge (at least in the south of UK). It just seems that software engineering roles that require LabVIEW are very limited in the UK. 


I'm trying to learn other languages to be able to make the shift to software engineering. However, it's tough to get a job without commercial software development experience. Kind of like a catch 20 situation... any tips?

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My contacts in the contracting industry tell me that the LabVIEW market in the UK is as quiet as they remember it.

So it's not ideal I'm afraid.

I think in the South of England your best bet may be to approach research institutes or research start-ups. Most of these jobs seem to be permanent tho'.

There still seems to be fixed price work, but you have to approach those as a complete project and you'll be liable for the risk.

Apart from that it's all to do with marketing yourself to improve your hourly rate and then selling yourself to earn that hourly rate. Marketing for us can start at networking at user groups and events, and is a social exercise. If people in these groups are aware of your competency you'd be surprised how useful it is. Just be aware that this marketing only takes you so far as it's a bit of an echo chamber. Success looks like other people thinking you're great.

Good luck with your search.


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