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LabVIEW memorabilia!!

Found an old mouse pad. Guess the vintage! 😄




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@altenbach wrote:

Found an old mouse pad. Guess the vintage! 😄




Here one of mine still in use while building a Laser Doppler Vibrometer calibration setup


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Great to see you start this post.  I don't want to pre-empt you but we are starting a collection of all the good stuff over at A Living History of NI (National Instruments)


and plan to create galleries of NI memorabilia there.


We have created secure Dropbox upload folders for different categories of memorabilia,  to upload photos, videos, screen shots etc. which then will be posted after editorial review. (yes, we're a little conservative and old-fashioned..)


I am a little uncertain if the uploads on this thread can be copied and used there without the original uploader's permission. So to start with we will post a link to this thread. 


Happy wiring.



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@CarstenPXI wrote:

Great to see you start this post.

Well, it was started in 2005 and many thing could probably be updated with some newer stuff.


For example, here's a better picture of the old poster:



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Saw this at work. The 3.5" floppies are still in it, only 2 were needed at the time.





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Here is the link to the new nihistory photo  Gallery page.



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I still have 0 (future) memorabilia with the new logo.


Even at the CNRood\NI Reconnect event there was nothing...


Guess we have to keep wearing the old shirts, polos, sweaters and socks.

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Who's got a mug and is willing to part with it, please, please?


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I cleaned out my closet this weekend and found two (or three, the closet was a disaster) NI/LabVIEW shirts.  I'd need to gain back 40 pounds to wear them, though.

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