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About priorities, contrasts, and possibly irreconcilable differences. 🙂

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Different approaches of dealing with the past....

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That does put things into perspective! 😉
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Having just filled up my car at $4.60/gallon made me think that I should take the bus more often. 🙂

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or, about diagram cluttering:

"public transit suddenly seems like a good idea, with this expensive diagram space..."
... And here's where I keep assorted lengths of wires...
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Wow, I would like that public transport with named seats (where do you live? can I come over?)

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Tn posted
Wow, I would like that public transport with named seats (where do you live? can I come over?)

When you live at the end of the line you get to side benefits.
1) You can sit anywhere you want.Smiley Happy
2) On the flip-side of the journey, the street car operator will wake you up when you get to your stop.  Smiley Surprised
Thank sfor that strip Christian! My wife (mass-transit queeen) will enjoy it.
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Teenagers! 😄

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Hi Altenbach,

wow, just 4.60$/gallon. I would be happy to get gasoline that cheapSmiley Wink In Germany you have to pay 1.48€/l, which is ~8.40$/gallonSmiley Sad
Best regards,

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I agree we are still spoiled here.
The problem here is Los Angleles is that all the distances for a typical trip are much farther away than in Germany, and public transportation is very poorly implemented. Overall, we spend much more on gas.
I am fine because one of the requirements when I bought my house was that it had to be within biking distance of my workplace. I could have bough a house twice the size for half the price in the far suburbs, with the (then) small added cost of a longer commute. Now this cost advantage has disappeared due to the gas prices and home prices have dropped 40% in some of these areas because it is no longer viable to live there due to commuting costs. Foreclosures are going through the roof!
Houses in my area have held their value very well. 🙂
Anyway, recent surveys have shown a dramatic increase in the use of public transportation and freeway traffic is measurable lower (few %).
I remember when gas was $0.65 here. Here's a graph (in LabVIEW of course. Weekly gas price in California since 1995).
Looks like it could be easily fit by a simple exponential curve (I should try that!), so the outlook is not pretty. 😉

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