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Incongruous sightings of LabVIEW/NI

A long time fan of Bob Pease and I just came across this gem- not LabVIEW but Signal Express at 16:50 in the video (which is also an advert for NI in a way)


Plus a blast from the past ad in the beginning.






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Looks like NI started YouTube ads



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Hell ya brother!  LabVIEW on Cleetus McFarland.



Looks like they were using a LabJack and LabVIEW to measure output from a shock travel sensor.  

Patrick Allen:
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Interesting connection between National Instruments and the mystery short wave transmissions from many years ago.  Amateur radio operators of the day were quite familiar with these signals and often wondered why they were on the air.  Mystery solved.

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Sorry, I posted the wrong link.  Here is the correct one that enplanes the LabVIEW and NI PXI connection.



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Here's the paper described in the video.  Interesting, thanks.

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Customer of ours (ours are the blue boxes stacked on top of each other int he rack on the right) recycling Helium in their research lab.

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Nice system.  Excellent application for LV. We implemented a much larger system about 15 years ago but it was commercial and the supplier used a Siemens Step 7 PLC.  The price of helium is starting to make it a precious commodity and too expensive to waste as a welding gas!

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