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Idea Exchange: Post your lonely orphans

Yes, they're missing the "t5" part at the beginning of the URL. I already asked Laura to fix it, but it probably won't get done before tomorrow.


In the mean time, the links are accessible here.

Try to take over the world!
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What's the definition of an orhpan? Does 20 kudos count, with the last received in March?


Here's one of my old ideas that is really dear to my heart:


Allow axis swap for Waveform charts/graphs and intensity charts (and possibly others)


It is a logical extension of the current situation and would make many UI things much easier. Why should only the horizontal axis get all the special attention?



(I will go over all my other suggestions to see what else needs some extra publicity ;).)

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I'm still surprised this hasn't garnered more kudos


Context Help when using Quick Drop


I've been wanting this a lot lately because i'm trying to do some image processing stuff and never know exactly what VI I want.

Tim Elsey
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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@altenbach wrote:

What's the definition of an orhpan? Does 20 kudos count, with the last received in March?


Well that would certainly qualify. Some worthy ideas, once they are relegated to "non-Hotness", get lost in the shuffle. You really have to browse through lots of pages to find some of these good ideas.


I like your idea, and it's a great example of something that, according to me, got "lost" because I don't remember seeing it.



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I did a search for this idea before posting and came up with this exact match.  I was a bit disappointed at its age and lack of "hotness".  Not my orphan but it seems to be lost too...

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Certainly an excellent idea! 😄


Yes it's old and maybe it should have been made a bit more sexy, e.g. with an image. 😄

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@altenbach wrote:

[...] should have been made a bit more sexy, e.g. with an image. 😄

Like putting lipstick on a pig.


Or polish on a turd.


(That first idea I actually think kicks butt but not too much love on it, the second Idea I've been talked out of).


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While almost all my ideas deservedly end up as orphans, there are a few, all related to accessing arrays using the In Place Element Structure, that I would really love to see implemented. Smiley Happy


  1. Allow unwired index for "Array Index/Replace Elements" on the In Place Element Structure - currently 18 kudos
  2. Array Reshape on the In Place Element Structure - currently no kudos at all!
  3. Direct access to Image data as an Array - currently 10 kudos

Is there anyone in the IPES coding team who reads this?


One other orphan that I'm very keen for is increased SGL support for Maths functions, somehow only receiving 10 kudos so far!

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OK, I went over my list, and here are true orphans that deserve better:


All with 20 kudos or less:


7 kudos :(: Allow an empty radio button control at edit time

(This is a really good idea!!!!!)


5 Kudos :(: The property "cursor index" for intensity graphs should be an array with two elements.

(This is almost a bug! An intensity graph data is indexed in two dimensions, so a cursor needs two indices!)


14 Kudos: :(: Allow unwired signaling properties to fire events

(We cannot fire events tied to a latched boolean using a signaling property because the data is a variant, this idea would help).


20 Kudos: :(: "Resizing helper" tip strips

(when resizing an array container, when was the last time the size in pixels was useful to you. We want the size in element units)


8 Kudos: :(: Convert case structure to event structure and vice versa

(why not. We still have one of the dumbest right-click features: replacing a case structure with a stacked sequence. My idea is a few orders of magnitude better than that!)


5 Kudos: :(: Looping over multiple dimensions with one loop

(Simplify code with stacked auto indexing FOR loops where only the innermost contains real code)


4 Kudos: :(: Output size configuration for 1D convolution

(Jack, are you reading this? We used this option on the 2D convolution, so why is it missing from the 1D versions????)


I'll post a few more later.....


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