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IBM Bought RedHat

Good day ;

Recently IBM bought RedHat, which is the base Linux distribution for most of the NI  supported Linux distributions of LabVIEW for Linux.  This has possibly accelerated  the release of RedHat Enterprise Linux version 8, which uses a 4.x Linux kernel, which won't work with LabVIEW ( at least in my experience ).

CentOS and Scientific Linux will eventually follow suit, as they use RedHat's open source repositories.

What is the migration path for LabVIEW to support the RHEL 8 and derivative distributions?

Are there discussions with IBM that could be reported here for the community?

Have any other community members evaluated the RHEL 8 public beta for compatibility with other (e.g. LabWindows/CVI) NI products?

Thanks for your viewing my questions, and especially for any answers.


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Hello Northrider,


For this specific inquiry, I would prompt you to re-post your question in the following Linux-specialized forum:


There's a community of people who work with LabVIEW in Linux, and they might be able to better support you. 



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