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How has LabVIEW made you better?


How has LabVIEW made you better?

Would you like a chance to be featured on We want to know how LabVIEW has made you better at your job, like it has for these engineers and scientists. In this thread, tell us what you've done and we may feature your story on our website.

Stephanie Logerot
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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

LabVIEW is a blessing to a dyslexic developer.


Yes I am dyslexic. Cretified as learning disabled under the Americans with Disabilites Act. My dyslexia was one of the factors that originally drove me to teach myself to program (in VAX-Macro) to avoid the frequent errors I would make when filling out expense reports. Over time I moved to more common laguages and eventually to C. While working with text based langauges, I often found myself frustrated by not being able to "see" a typo even though the compiler was highlighting the line and pointing right at my error!


But when I first saw LabVIEW, I felt like a tremendous weight was lifted from off my shoulders. For the first time in my programming life I was able to express my designs as images rather than as series of alphanumerics. The fact that LabVIEW's diagrams look much like a circuit diagram allowed me start "reading" the diagram with little effort. With time I have learned to "read a diagram at a glance", which is something that simply can't be done in other languages.


I suspect that it it were not for LabVIEW's unique and intuative graphic development environment, I would not have persued a career in software.


Looking back that may seem a bit sappy but it's my story and maybe someone else has a more intersting twist.


Take care,




Note: I can provide an extensive list of what I have done with LV if that would serve any purpose beyond adding to "my brag list". Smiley Wink

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回复: How has LabVIEW made you better?

LabVIEW has brought me great joy!


I use LabVIEW for 7 years.


Now "thinking-in-labview  " group.


Expect more people to use LabVIEW!

" 一天到晚游泳的鱼"

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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

Thanks for sharing your stories, guys! I'm passing them along to our folks here.

Stephanie Logerot
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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

As system integrator, I normally write complete Apps to control a measurement setup in LV. Stuff that satisfies the manager, the PhD and the operator at the same time. A lot of software engineering (from design to proper error handling) and psychology.

But sometimes, I need to build an electronic circuit to interface the devices. And I want to know that it's working correctly before I travel to my customer. Then I just hack a Q&D testing VI together in no time.


So it's a pretty universal tool(*) through the complete process of getting high-precision measurement setups running.


To name some others: money, cable ties, allen keys & screws, iron nerves.


Smiley Wink


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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

My entry into LabVIEW was in self defense.


Our one programmer at the time was swamped with work and couldn’t be spared to make small tweaks to existing software or write simple code unless it was directly impacting our product. A big part of my job was to evaluate data obtained during testing, and I was spending gobs of time compiling data to look for trends.


So I obtained a copy of LabVIEW on my work computer and began to fiddle with it, doing text file management and compiling stuff at first. This was a huge timesaver for me. Eventually I was able to get enough ahead in my job to spare some time to play with hardware interfacing, to further ease my job. And it snowballed from there. The company eventually sent me to Basics 1 and 2.


I do not do well with text-based languages (I do remember some BASIC – that was a long time ago!) and being able to visually build code and watch it run is great!



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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

LabVIEW made learning colorful and fun.

Writing code in text language (not that text languages are grey) was monotonous.

Intro to LabVIEW made learning fun and visuals of block diagram function  helped in a way that it seems like playing game Smiley Happy Of course coding in LabVIEW is faster and gives more time in hand for me to do other things.

I had never thought that I will one day hold a CLD in LabVIEW Smiley Very Happy

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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

These are great! Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie Logerot
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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?



Well first of all, LabVIEW gave me the current job I have today. I graduated as Bachelor Electronics, spring 2010. Then I aplied for a job opening at a local company. They wanted a person who was willing to create software for testing electronic circuits. I told them about LabVIEW, which I got familiar with in school, and they gave me the job. They also bought me LabVIEW 2009 and a DAQmx Usb-6225. I didn't have a clue about creating vi's and getting that DAQmx to work, but after getting introduced to a excellent forum and many helpful souls, I got the hang of it. Now I'm creating alot of software for different uses and I'm using LabVIEW every day. In March and April I'm attending the Core 2 and 3 courses and before summer vacation starts, I'm going to do the CLAD exam.


Not only have LabVIEW given me alot of experience and joy, it have also saved the company I work for alot of time and money. For instance I created a test- and measurement application that lowers the test time per circuit by 5 minutes. Previous test time was 5 minutes, now it's 2 seconds thanks to LabVIEW and the DAQmx. Since we produce many thousand of that circuit, you can easily see that we are saving time and money.


So here I am, 23 years old, and already employed in a big company. My salary is great, and I can do what I like the most every day; creating software with LabVIEW.


So thank you LabVIEW, for giving me the perfect start in a hopefully long career as software developer!


Greetings from Norway!

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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

By helping other on this forum.


Of ALL the forums for programming languages, this is by far the best one.  I learned a great deal from this forum as well.

And LabVIEW has helped me become a better "text-based" programmer by optimizing the code as we can do in LabVIEW.


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