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Good Morning NI - I'm here..

Hi everybody,

I looked at the list of rencent logins and noticed that Ben is as crazy as I am to login on Easter Sunday morning... 😄

I thought maybe this would be a nice thread to simply chat and not necessarily talk about anything related to work or coding..
A real place for a quick sip of coffee or any other warm liquids.. 😉
A place to let brain cells recover for the crazyness of our daily lives.. 😄

And to congratulate Molly on achieving many (all??) of our requests..

Thanks Molly.. And please forward our gratitude to your entire team!!

😄 😄 😄

Ray (aka. JLV)
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Well, the presence of Ben in the list of recent logins is not surprising, I think his name is hardcoded into the forum page. 😉

I am more worried about blue users such as shahina being active on easter sunday morning. 😮

Staying on the easter topic: An old tradition of programmers is to hide a few surprises inside the code that can be activated by an obscure combination of keys or other mechanisms. (One example would be the game built into excel. These are called Easter Eggs.

Has any of you ever buried any easter eggs in distributed LabVIEW code? 🙂
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Actually, no.
But I have a more interesting question - Are there any easter eggs in LV (annoying bugs don't count)?

Try to take over the world!
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Hi All,

I think the exchange gave up trying to log me out.

One of the developers I work with put an ester egg in one of the in-house applications we use to track our time.

He lets you play his version of "Mine Sweeper".

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Does anyone know what happens to the developers of these Easter Eggs, once the company finds out who did it?
I would suspect that in most cases they get fired.. 😞

i love this site...
Nandan Dharwadker
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Measurement Studio Hardware Team
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We were tempted to put a version of Packman embedded into the code.
It would popup on the operator screen whenever the station would crash (loose heartbeat).

Of course... it never happened.. but I did hear rumors of some nasty messages going to the screen if certian events took place. The message was encrypted as part of several cryptic routines... Of course, that was just rumors going around... Never saw any messages or seen the code attributed to it. And the person who supposidly created it was no longer there by the time I showed up..

The only egg I ever left was to bypass the login script that a coop student placed on her PC, change her password and change the attributes of the files. 😄
It was rediculously simple.. A login script activated within the autoexec.bat file.

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Looks like tst was a busy-bee answering all those questions today!!

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@tst wrote:
Actually, no.
But I have a more interesting question - Are there any easter eggs in LV (annoying bugs don't count)?

It's not really an "easter egg," but LabVIEW 1.0 (Macintosh-only) had greyscale pictures of the LabVIEW team in the "About" dialog.
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There's nothing wrong with embedding the development team (a picture of) into the sw.. 😉

How's everybody today? What a week.. Actually, what a year so far..
It's been busy.. .. and busy is good...
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Kind of along the lines of people who develop Easter Eggs, but I always wondered if most viruses were developed by the people who write anti-virus software. Think about it - you go home, create a virus, send it out. Go in to work, hear about the new virus, suggest you may know how to handle it (since you wrote it! Ha!), then you create the cure. Your boss thinks you're the king of anti-virus code and you get a raise and a promotion.

Talk about job security!

As long as you don't get caught, that is...
Amateur programmer for over 10 years!
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