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Isn't there a simpson episode where these two russians seem to go into a very heated argument in their language, but according to the english subtitles they are just exchanging pleasantries. 

I believe there was a scene where bart was talking to someone and they seemed aggressive with their mannerisms but were telling him nicely something he wanted to know in Russian.  Bart ran off scared and the punch line was something like the Russian saying "Hey he went the wrong way".  But google fails me and I can't find it.  I did however find a similar joke in Robot Chicken when referencing the cantina scene in Star Wars.


I think that was Lisa, when she took the wrong bus: Lost our Lisa

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My ocd did not allow me to leave the spelling mistake in the title. Sorry.


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What the "f" is going on here?

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What the "f" is going on here?

Well it looks like Breakpoint is leaking, but that's what you get when all technical discussion in a thread is lost.  You just know OP can't just show up and say we are off topic, the topic is literally f.

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Homework assignment takes on an ikea theme.



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Somebody made the comment "Every single logic can be further minimized with LabVIEW, in that perspective.. it is always possible."  Then double-downed when warned about using the "always".  How low can we go?

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