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You started writing sw in 1970??  You mean there were computers back then???  😉

I remember the TRS-80.  Basic.  First toy I had ever seen.  Well appart from PONG (the first video game).

Okay...  so you're probably older than tst, then...  or should we speculate the age of that lovely lady in the background of the picture that was posted by the "Shaddow"???  no to say that it was actually a picture of tst & her bf..


😄 😄 😄

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Yeah, They were at least 12 foot tall, usually came with 60 other 12 foot tall rack all doing the individual functions of the computer process and required an equally sized room somewhere near by to provide the power.
Programming, well that was some thing else.......
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Yes it was a wonderful time of learning about micro chips in large scale before they were invented.

It gave you chance to peak inside all of those busses that only existin in images and micro etched wafers. You could watch dat being moved from register to register and actual see data being serached for on tape. Booting a computer was rare onless core had to be replaced. Crash Dump Analysis was an art form and programs never filled all the 1M of memory the mainframes offered. Disk drives looked like washing machines and head crash had nothing to with user frustration. Most computer failures could be fixed with a hand full of chips, schematics and an O'scope.

That reminds me I was supposed to bring a FP of a PDP 11/70 to illustrate the machine Unix was originally developed on. And in case you wondered it is the switch version of the FP.


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Hi Ben,

I missed that era.  But the mainframes we worked on also had the washing machine-style mass-storage units.  That was when the name IBM had a serious meaning.  I did play with punch-cards a bit.. for 1 year.. Fortran & JCL.  I got hooked on APL and kept logged onto a terminal.  As a matter of fact, some of the original color terminals.  APL had color features and not-so-friendly graphics capabilities.  Then came C and the PC. 

I did play a tiny little bit on a PDP-11 and some other machine running CPM (DOS predecessor?).  Programming was done in PLM/PL1.  Wrote an OS for a homemade 8085 PC.  I should have gone to market with it..  Didn't realize that the OS market would become so lucrative 😉

Ben... you need to write more often in the Breakpoint.  I must let you beat my Yapping Average...  I think CC filters out his Yapping average. 😉 

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This thread must be refering to some of the new palletes in LV 8, because I can't seem to be able to find them.

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maybe its an Add-on
Ray Farmer
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How can we not include this in the Funny Thread list?  It's hysterical!

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You're right, Molly.

So right, in fact, that I've decided it's time for drastic action, so I stole borrowed Christian's time machine, went a few days back in time and replaced the boring winning lottery numbers for next week that were in reply #35 with a link to that thread.

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wow - you caught me in a hurry - not doing my homework 😞

love the time machine though! thanks!

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Here's another funny (sub)thread 😄

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