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Duplicate post.


Please do not post questions in this thread. This thread is not meant to ask questions - it's a repository of links.

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How could I get the location (row),(col) of the active cell of an excel report?


Thanks in advance.

LabVIEW 8.21 on WinXP
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Did you not read the post right before yours?
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Hi hello everyone, I'm doing a program like a database I've made a few questions before, I've almost finished but I have a few questions before.


My communication with XL its working fine I can write in the cells i want and all the stuff  but i have a question how can i save all changes i do on XL without excel confirmation .  I tried with an invoke node with method save as but it sends the confirmation.


Is it possible saving every changes without confirmation?


I added an example (this one without SaveAs)


I tried too with method Close and Save with a Boolean Botton but it appears the error #97


Thanks in advance !

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Please do not post questions in this thread. This thread is not meant to ask questions - it's a repository of links.


Besides, you should stick with your original thread.



I'm beginning to feel like a broken record...

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hey man ! take it easy i didnt do for making you angry, as you saw someone gave me the url of this post, at least i attached the photo for searchin'  a solution
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I think you are the one who should take it easy. Where in my post was I shouting in anger? Ray had given you the link to this thread so you could look at it. Did you read the posts that are on this page in the first place? They clearly indicate that this thread is not meant to ask questions, but to be a repository of links. It's not my fault that you can't read.
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In this thread I showed someone how to save an close excel.


What do you think about the ICO.

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In this thread I show how to add a picture to excel

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In this tread we talked about date format in Excel. There is a lot of good stuff about how dates work in LabVIEW and Excel.

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