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Congratulations Sir Yair! aka. tst

you will now have to visit: and sing along (the words are written at the back)


(my bad..  I had a typo)

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Hmm, page can't be found.....

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Congratulations Yair!  Now are you ready to take over the world?

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Yes, congratulations!


Some great contributions over the years. 

Patrick Allen:
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Congrats Yair for reaching the 10k milestone. Keep on going   ...

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Well, it is a lot of work to get there. I never have the time to get here enough to get my numbers this high. Some of us have two real jobs to work at and with learning C++ my brain is starting not to think in LabVIEW any more. I do miss the dasy when programming made sense.

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Congratulations! Two knights in one week. That is quite impressive.

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Congratulations!  I'm delighted to welcome you to kNIghthood! Smiley Very Happy  Your forum contributions are valuable and very much appreciated.  Thank you for your leadership in the user community.



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Congratulations Sir Yair and Ray!
Thank you very much, I have learned lot from your post and suggestion.

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Congrats Sir tst!! מזל טוב

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