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Congratulations Sir Yair! aka. tst

Congrats, and thanks for making my life easier! Smiley Wink

Brian G.
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Didn't know you were a landsman ("tst" doesn't give away very much!).  I'll guess from the attempts to write to you in Hebrew that you are in my time zone 🙂

I don't have Hebrew on this computer 😞

Anyway, I really am amazed by people like you, giving so much time to help other programmers who know, well, a lot less (and we don't always ask the smartest questions 🙂  )


Thank you.


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@BPerlman wrote:
I'll guess from the attempts to write to you in Hebrew that you are in my time zone 🙂

כנראה שכן

Try to take over the world!
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אכשיו אפשר לענות כמו שצריך
מזל טוב והרבה הצלחה בהמשך
תודה רבה על עזרתך


(Translation for anyone who wants it "Now I can answer as I should.  Congratulations and wishing you success in the future.  Thank you for all your help)


(By the way, I put my second sentence into Google translate and it gave me " Good luck and much success in".  I would have expected better!)


I left out punctuation because the editor here put it at the beginning of the sentence instead of the end......


(Oh, and as for getting English speakers to say your name correctly and not pronounce it like "lair", it might work if you wrote it "Ya-ir" or some such.   Of course, some people will get past the most carefully selected transliteration anyway..... I think that "Batya" (or "Basya" as is often used in the US) is the most phonetic spelling there is for my name....but I was still introduced (to an Israeli, incidentally named "Yair" 🙂  ) as Bah-SEE-ah.  Oh well.  Better than "Batty" which is what spell-checkers do to it 🙂   )


Anyway, thank you!




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Congratulations Yair.  Your posts have always been an inspiration for your level of knowledge and desire to help others in solving their problems. 

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Congratulations tst...


As Parthabe said in some another thread,,,, "East or West, TST is best" 🙂



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congrats yair!!!

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