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Can anyone make sense of these questions?


The discussion starting here (tacked to the end of an older existing thread) is way too comical to be left unmentioned. Maybe sombeody can make sense if it all, I sure cannot!


Some compiled sample questions from the discussion:


  • the acquisition was made with this parameter ( 15 bytes per packet, 115200 baude rate ), how can I calculate the sampling interval.
  • I made the acquisition for 156 points, and the time between two point is 100ms but I don't know the sampling interval.
  • ... so, i want to ask about the polynomial fit, is the polynomial order related to the value of sampling interval?  

What??? I give up! 😮

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I read through pages 3 and 4 and as I was reading it I thought I knew where they were going with it, until they got to asking about curve fitting.

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Nope.  I'm at a loss about what that is.

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