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CLD-R concerns


HELLO NI !!!!!  Are you reading these posts?  Are you now aware how ridiculous the CLD-R really is?  I started complaining about it over a year ago when I had to take it 3 times to pass, and then only with helpful extra practice exams.  I was told by an NI employee who was a member of the committee that put together the CLD-R that the original CLD-R was too easy, so they added all of these very obscure questions to make it harder.  They went from one extreme to the other.  I'm sure there is a happy medium somewhere in the middle.  NI should get to working on it.


Unless the CLD-R is made into a reasonable exam that can be passed by a seasoned Labview programmer without having to study several practice exams filled with obscure and ambiguous qestions, I am not going to renew my CLD, nor will take part in any NI certification.


- tbob

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Is there a link to this thread in the Certification Board? Some of the NI certification people do watch that.  I think this thread predated that Board.



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Alright- as far as I understand.


CLAD- demonstrates familiarity with the LabVIEW IDE


CLD Demonstrates the ability to apply Software engineering principals within the LabVIEW IDE


CLD-R tests, with focus, on the areas of software engineering that are more academic than "practical" (why did you make CLD not how....)


CLA demonstrates mastery of the ability to apply software engineering principals in the LabVIEW IDE


I will not state the CLD-R quiz is of high quality.  In fact, from looking at the sample exams and the CLAD samples, and a 9502 nec, I'(ve spent some time behind a podium,) the tests are of poor quality.   That's a period!  Poor quality multiple guess questions with direct correlation to LabVIEW course material Jargon.   Yet, I respect the that the CLD-R focuses more on the theoretical than the practical.


Am I concerned about my upcoming CLD-R?  yes- I am having a hard time finding my LabVIEW Advanced course book- the jargon seems important from the practice exams. 


Could this be done better?  (Do I really need to push the FAQ's forum AGAIN?) the prep guide could add a bibliography............  Can I buy an updated course book-  I took LabVIEW Advanced several years ago?


Make ZERO mistake- I do not want the NI certifications "watered down"- I just want the exams well writen.



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A strong suggestion from someone who took the CLD-R recently (Jan 3rd), look at the online "sample exams" on, they are very similar in subject and tone. I have always disliked this type of exam, really hate having to remember minutia that in the end doesn't seem to affect my programming (which I have been doing continuously since spring of 1993). I don't need to know whether the default for a loop exit tunnel is to build an array, when I run a wire it will be instantly obvious. Then there are some even more obscure factoids. It reminds me of when I took the FCC First Class Radio license exam. Some of the multiple choice answers were identical, except for the power of ten, which, when the exam had been originally created had been more of an issue (slide rules don't tell you the power of ten, have to keep track through the calculation), but by the late 70's it wasn't an issue with either of the two calculators I was allowed to bring.


I'm not sure how we test for continuing competency in our chosen area of expertise, but my score on my recent recert I don't think accurately rates my actual knowledge of LabVIEW. Am I the world's expert in LabVIEW? Well I know a few of them, but, no. Do I know a lot about LabVIEW and consider myself moderately competent? Yes. Would you know that from my exam score. Maybe.


As to taking the 4 hour exam again, well from the point of view of which is scarier to me, maybe, but taking either of the exams is costly too me, as until recently there was no exam location within 100 miles of my office, I bill by the hour so that if I have to take time off to commute to the exam location and spend time taking it, it then becomes much more costly. As it is, there still is no location to take the 4 hour, I'm pretty sure those still aren't given at the Pearson Vue sites. I took the recert at a exam site while on my way to meet with the head of my current project, talk about finding a way to make my day even more stressful! I do a lot of things that might be deemed stressful, but I have to say that the feeling in the pit of my stomach as I pulled into the parking lot of the exam site is right up there!!! Thought I'd be done with the pre-exam anxiety when I finished my degree!!

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I can speak only for the CLA-R since CLAD didn't exist when I started and for that matter there where no recerts until my most recent recert where I did sit for the CLA-R.


I really can not complain about what I saw on the CLA-R and it sure beat doing the CLA exam. Yes there was lots of trivia but it was LV trivia so fair game for the CLA.


I would like to eliminate or delay the recert exams.




You are certified and your boss signs a letter attesting to the fact that you have spent more than 20 hours a week on LV, then I think NI should just issue an invoice for the re-cert that when paid extends the certification.


I have no idea how to handle the self-employed being their own boss...


At the very lest the recert should only be required once every 5 years instead of every 2.



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I see that the sample CLAD exam answers now come with justifications and explanations. The CLD-R sample exams do not. Does anyone know of a link where I can find justifications and explanations for the CLD-R sample exams answers?

Jim Haas
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What is the percentage of people you pass the CLD-R exam?

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I just took the CLD-R practice exam #1 and failed with 13 incorrect answers.  I'll try the second exam tomorrow...

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@jcarmody wrote:

I just took the CLD-R practice exam #1 and failed with 13 incorrect answers.  I'll try the second exam tomorrow...

I couldn't wait until tomorrow; I failed exam #2 with 15 incorrect answers.


My certification is suspended and will expire completely if I don't pass by the end of this year.  😛

You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are. ~ Alice
For he does not know what will happen; So who can tell him when it will occur? Eccl. 8:7

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I have been told by some people that the CLD was easier than the CLD-R.  I've also been told NI really needs to check their answers for a lot of the questions for the CLD-R since a lot of them were flat out wrong.  I did not take the CLD-R.  I took the CLA instead.  Not looking forward to the CLA-R next year.

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