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CC????? 1000????????

no...just didn't like sliding down the leader board:(
Ray Farmer
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Congratulation CC!

You have been a great contributor that not only has shared your knowledge and time to help us all but you also have played a very big part in making the Exchange a great place to hang out.

Now all you have to do to get that last gold bar is to follow the instruction on the shampoo bottle "Lather, rinse, repeat"!

Retired Senior Automation Systems Architect with Data Science Automation LabVIEW Champion Knight of NI and Prepper LinkedIn Profile YouTube Channel
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Congrats CC on your 1016th post!!

Félicitations CC!!

Milles Merci pour toutes tes contributions et surtout pour l’humour que tu amènes à ce forum.

Il faut que tu sautes un peu plus fort et un peu plus loin afin de conserver ta distance d’un certain lapin… c’est quoi au juste le féminin de « lapin »??


Amuses toi bien et continue la petite liste. Et encore merci..

Maintenant, un petit mot pour notre « lapine » afin que sa traduction soit complexe.
Prétend avoir un accent belge.. 😉

Not’e ‘tite amie lapine donne b’en trop d’indices pour nous dire qu’elle est vraiment du sexe féminin.. Mais on l’aime quand-même, n’est-ce pas??


signé : Le cousin de l’aut’e bord du gros lac…

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Congratulations Charlie!

I don't know what our LabVIEW email team at NI would have done without you... Thanks for all your GREAT answers. Quality and quantity is a rare thing nowadays.

Keep the answers coming!
- Philip Courtois, Thinkbot Solutions

Thinkbot Solutions
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You have no idea how much we as National Instruments' Applications Engineers appreciate the support you provide the community. Everyone in this community has some knowledge to share and we are ever greatful that users like you are willing to take the time to post up solutions and help the community be successful with National Instruments' products.


Nicholas C
National Instruments
Applications Engineering
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Congrats CC. You are an inspiration to the community.
Robert Mortensen
Software Engineer
National Instruments
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You really are a great contributor to this forum. I assume that you plan to sleep when tst is not on your heels. In the meantime, keep up the good work!!!!!!!

P.S. - Your work on "The List" is greatly appreciated by many of us.
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Congratulations C.C.

Keep it going. The good answers are all appreciated.
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Since this is the BreakPoint, a "private" place that we built to share more than simple vis, I should express my thanks more specifically than in the "public" forum.

In the past months, this forum has been changed. We changed it. We made it more pleasant. Each of you brought his contribution. Somebody said that we were working like a team. I love this idea. Without Ben, JLV, tst, altenbach, JPD, Ray, Molly... all of you (...yes, even tst !) I would not have spent much time here. Let's hope that we shall be able to expand our little community and to maintain the same spirit !

Thanks again, and my most friendly croaking to all of you...

Chilly Charly    (aka CC)
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