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I previously referred that link to the person I spoke to on the phone before I made an email inquiry; that's where I started from actually. That person (can't recall his name) specifically stated that does not apply, and did acknowledge that it was 'confusing'. If suppose it's confusing if one thinks it's not applicable. Otherwise, it's plain as day.

This afternoon I pointed Manfred to the badge announcement blog where Jim Kring's CLA badge is posted. That prompted him to go check with someone else, then acknowledged that certifications are 'badgeable'. 

I asked, but still no word from them on how to make it happen. I will see if he replies tomorrow. I give it 50/50 I'll have to keep pushing them. 🙂

"I don't know" is a valid and respectable answer.
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Hi Newt, 


Sorry you've had difficulty with this. The confusion stems from both the forums and NI Badge Program using the term "badges". The NI Badge Program uses Acclaim to issue verifiable credentials in the form of badges for completing a learning quiz, completing a certification exam and engagement in the LabVIEW community (currently only LabVIEW Champion is available in this section.) The NI Community Forums are powered by Lithium, which uses its own internal "badge" to add flair to an individual's posts (E.G. Knight of NI, Champion, etc.) These "badges" are not shareable and exist only in the confines of the forum. 


We've had several internal communications but clearly we need to do better to clarify the distinction. I'm not sure how your CLD badge slipped through the cracks, however I've issued you a CLD badge that matches your certification. Renewal of the certification should automatically issue you a new badge. 


If you have any other issues you can email us at 



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I'd also like to add - we will actually be renaming the "badges" that you can earn through the community to "achievements" to help distinguish ours from the NI Badge Program. These achievements will be based solely on community activity such as posts, kudos, and solutions. An official announcement on this will come at a later date. Keep an eye on the NI Community News blog!




Lili McDonald
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Thanks for taking care of that. Hopefully it clears things up for more people both internally and externally.


"I don't know" is a valid and respectable answer.
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