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Advice for right hand only LabVIEW?

A humerus fracture is not nearly as funny as it sounds.   So, tab, alt shift and ctrl + hotkeys just became a bit of a challenge for a righty only.  Luckily I am naturally right hand dominant and the left arm was effected.


It has to have happened to someone else before and some of ya'll are fairly inventive. 


I'll take whatever advice you have. 

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@JÞB wrote:

A humerus fracture is not nearly as funny as it sounds.   

That is funny though! Sorry about that, must be painful...


I have the 'same problem' when on the phone, or when my cats decide to sleep om my arm. (Not to compare this to a injury of course, but the result is somewhat similar.)


I use a Wacom pen tablet. I switched 20 years ago, to avoid RSI. I can now do the pen or mouse left or right. It took me 2 weeks to get fully used to it...


I found that I can do most operations with the pen. Shortcuts have a menu item, so cut, copy, paste can be done from the menu. CTRL, CTRL+ALT is a problem though, because there's no CTRL Lock or ALT Lock. That means shrinking or growing the diagram is one of the only things I can't do with cats on my arm.


I think most of this goes for a mouse as well. A gaming mouse with programmable buttons might help? If you simply program one button for CTRL, one for CRTL+ALT, you should be able to do most of the operations with one hand.


Autohotkey might be able to help, but I haven't tested it (will do). Apparently, you can turn CTRL into CTRL Lock. With a bit of tweaking, you can probably turn any key into a CTRL Lock...


Switching to\from the keyboard is probably a lot harder with a mouse. With a pen it's actually not that hard.


My Wacom comes with 4 programmable buttons. You can even program it to show a menu with (IIRC) 25 programmable buttons. I hardly use them though, and I don't think you can turn those buttons into a CTRL\ALT Lock, as they are handled by the Wacom driver.

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apparently, Windows can make CTRL, ALT and other keys lock:



EDIT: and it works for growing and shrinking the diagram! The keys reset after typing any other character, so CTRL+ALT need to be pressed simultaneously to shrink.

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Maybe LabVIEW Speak? Probably not a great solution if you don't work from home though.

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA

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Awesome,   I should have thought about ease of use.   Great advice. 

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I was taught to mind my manners.  The few I did not learn at my mother's knee I learned across my farther's.


So helping a little old lady is ingrained.   


While shopping yesterday a nice Lady slipped on her cane but, was able to stabilize herself by grasping my elbow.


Lol: My you have a strong arn! I'm glad you could catch me.

Me: it's probably the sling my arm is in (dropped to my knee and used language I did NOT learn from my mother)

Lol: oh <explicitive> are you ok?

Me: no, that "Strong arm" is broken.  Please forgive my recient choice of is not polite and should never be used publicly. 


Lol kissed my cheek.

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