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A plea for full words

An ellipsis (...) usually indicates an intentional omission of a word or a phrase from the original text, to imply a double entendre, or to denote ambiguity.


Omission example: truncating a list "1,2,3..."

Double entendre: "Dracula does not" In the context, it implies he drinks blood

Ambiguity: "I am going" The nature of the work is ambiguous

- Cheers, Ed
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Seen here....'nuf said.


Haha...First of all...THX for the comments....i'll post it in png format next time.....

Juz wanna let u noe that Noobs/ 'Baby' user like me is doing crash course in LV...juz notice dis problem last minute...the whole block diagram is much bigger than this.....localize the problem solved...


Sometimes u juz gotta learn to RUN before u even can WALK!!



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U think?


Ma-B the English language is doomed 2 go tru some mjr transformations. 

I can't even write correct text-shorthand...  😞

Old school...  (I need mre dots..................) Gota abuz something..

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