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patient monitoring system for mentally impaired


Hi friends,

This is Saravanamurthy. New to lava. I have done a project in my u.g  regarding mentally impaired health monitoring. Since they are unable to  express their difficulties during their emergency condition We have  planned to monitor them by measuring their pulse . Whenever the pulse  rate reaches the level of emergency , an email ll be sent to their  caretakers with an automatically generated message.Whenever a mail  reaches their inbox an alert ll be sent to their parents mobile phone  numbers. Unfortunately , this is a failure project. Can some one please  help me to finish it up?
Please give ur suggestions.

Thanks and Regards,


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Hi Saravanamurthy,

What about the project has failed? What have you been successful with so far?  What specific challenges do you face? Can you post what you have attempted so far?  That way we can be more helpful with guidance.  Sounds like an interesting project.


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