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Using the ECG extractor of the biomedical start up kit

I'm using the biomecial start up kit like part of my research to find the r point of an ECG signal that I imported from matlab (.mat) but when I try to find the NN pressing the shown NN, the ECG extractor, no point are located. I can see the signal in the wave form graph. Can you please give me a clue about what could be the solution of this problem.

Best Regards.

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Could you please give me some sample data? We could have a look,

I think the problem is the sampling rate. MAT file may not give proper sampling rate to "ECG Feature Extractor".

Thanks for your feedback!

Zhijun Gu

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Is it possible to get the code for the HRV and ECG extractor vis that are used in the signalexpress project? I have access to the llb files but am unable to use them in LabVIEW.

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Hi there,

Yes. They could not be used in LabVIEW. These llbs are compiled particularly for SignalExpress.

In fact, all those functions in these llbs can be found in the source code version of Biomedical Startup Kit.


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