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Using Labview for Optical simulation

Has anyone have used Labview for simulation of an optical system, meaning the tissue and the photon penetration depth  in it ?or can somebody please advise me of any alternatives that you might know?

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Is there any references for Optical simulation?

Please attach here if possible. This would help understand your question better.



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I have used LabVIEW for laser propagation analysis and beam delivery system design (matrix based), but I don't think this is what you are looking for.  LabVIEW can be used for just about any programming task, so it is certainly possible.  You may find it easier to use the mathscript node if you are more familiar with text based languages.

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Hi amini,

Are you thinking of doing Monte Carlo simulation?  I personally haven't done it before but like DFGray said, LabVIEW is a language so it can be adapted to do pretty much anything.


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