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Need Help designing a medical device

I'm looking to solve a problem which there's currently no medical solution for and where's there's very little research being conducted.

I'm looking for help to design a device that funtions just like a human nose. It has to heat, humidify, and add variable resistance in real time.

The device has to be portable and as streamlined and small as possible for daily use.

The reason I am looking to design this device is to help people that suffer from a disorder known as Empty Nose Syndrome. I believe this disorder

affects millions of people world wide but is grossly under reported by the medical society.

These patients have had either partial or total turbinectomies. The turbinates heat, humidify and add resistance to the lungs and without these processes taking place the lungs can't

function properly causing a feeling of constant shortness of breath and anxiety.

I have a feeling that technology has improved to the point that a device could be designed to bring some kind of relief to people with this disorder.

I have no background in designing a device like this so I would be grateful for any help offered.

Thank you for your help and time


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