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Need Help Urgently For Labview Project

1.) I am developing an application that would measure Otoacoustic emissions developed in the inner ear and based on these emissions we can then determine the level of hearing sensitivity in human beings.
I have already written a program in Labview which produces a tone of 2500Hz and records the responses and stores it in a text file.But I need to validate those responses.

So,now I have a text file of the recordings and I need to do analysis on that file to determine whether the program I wrote is actually measuring an emission or not.For that I need to know how to plot that text file on a graph or how to  view that text file in a real time graphical environment.

I have got the program running and and I have collected some data in text format.I wanna plot this data in labview in order to see whether we actually get an emission or not.I am attaching a sample of  data collected see if you can plot this data in a graph format.

2.) I want to generate pulses of unequal amplitude in a set of four such that the fourth one would be of inverse polarity and three times the magnitude of the previous clicks or pulses,which will help me remove the stimulus artifact.Create two memory buffers A and B of 20 ms where the recordings would be stored,resulting in two average traces( called trace " A" and trace "B").Traces should be blanked for 0 to 2.5 ms to remove any artifact and then bandpass filtered for   984Hz to 4882Hz.The two traces would be then averaged together and the rms amplitude computed.This is the derived response.
To  estimate the noise level,one trace("B") would be subtracted from trace "A" and the rms amplitude would be recorded.The response would be considered present if the intensity of the reproducible components of the response waveform computed from the FFT cross power spectrum exceeded the residual noise.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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It is not that difficult to plot the signal, you could just use the Read from SpreadSheet to read the data:


But what is the sampling rate of your txt files?

For your second item, could you please tell a little more?

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Thanks for your time and consideration.Also if possible could you tell me how did you get the response from my text files, you posted a picture of. which in your reply.

For the second part I will tell you exactly what I want to achieve.

Please refer to the document attached and you will have all the answers to your questions in there.

Please let me know if there is a way we can implement the same using Labview.


Sandeep Mistry

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I said you could use Read From SpreadSheet to read the data. I attach the VI here.

For the second part, I am not very familiar with your application. But I think you could use LabVIEW to caculate the measures you need.

For you signal, you should tell the sampling rate, otherwise, you can't know how many data samples equals 20ms' buffer.



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