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Median Frequency for EMG Analysis


Due to a request on our main message boards, I wrote a short LabVIEW 8.5 VI to do a median frequency analysis on a signal.  You can find the original thread here.

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Thanks for posting this...I'm not sure yet how we should collect and organize this kind of content so that it is easy to find and share.  I'll leave this as a Discussion Thread for now and may convert to a Document (which effectively makes it "sticky").  I've found that the Documents only allow about 5 or so attachments, so we cannot create a "EMG Processing VIs" Document and use that as a general container for everything collected in that vein (no pun intended).  Creating a separate Document for every contributed piece of code will make it tougher to find/sort/manage.  One thought is to put all the code on Dev Zone here where other example code is kept and just create Documents by topic (EMG Processing, EEG Processing, etc.) that contain overview information (how to record these signals, what the signals look like, what they are typically used for, etc.) and links to the shared code, much like we have done with the "Popular Developer Zone Articles" Document.

Any other thoughts?


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