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European Data Format (EDF) conversion

The European Data Format (EDF and EDF+) is a popular format for saving biomedical signals and has become a de facto standard interchange format for EEG and PSG data.   It consists of a text header containing signal information, channel labels, calibration data, and information about how the data is formatted, followed by a 16-bit binary data stream, or two-dimensional array, with the actual signal data.  The EDF+ format was added in 2002 to include additional features, including channel annotations (time-coded notations), support for discontinuous data files, and other features.

More information about the standard and the file specifications can be found here:

The new Biomedical Starter-Kit includes a mini-app to import EDF and EDF+ format and save to a variety of standard formats that are easy to work with in LabVIEW.

There is also a DataPlugin for DIAdem located here:

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Here's some information from Brad Turpin about using the EDF DataPlugin with LabVIEW:

Hi Steve,

The existing "EuropeanDataFormat" DataPlugin will work in LabVIEW. If you look at the top of the web site, you will see a link ("Loading Data with a DataPlugin Within LabVIEW") to a LabVIEW VI that calls DataPlugins using the Storage VIs.

The input string you need to use for the DataPlugin name is "EuropeanDataFormat",


"Carpe DIAdem"
Brad Turpin
Senior Product Support Engineer
National Instruments

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