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Elucidation about my project on PMS for mentally impaired:


Dear sirs,

My project is about monitoring the health of the mentally impaired . The basic parameter which i have taken for detecting the health condition is vibration in human muscles, since vibration in muscles vary with problems.The base paper which helped me is " Human Body Exposure To Vibration And Measurement".Once the problem is identified then labview ll automatically send the email to their caretakers. since its not possible to be there in net althrough , we have created sms alerts for mail in mobiles.

i ll bullet the tribulations i have faced and here are my questions:

I. Is the basic parameter which i have taken for measurement is right?

II. How can a disease be diagnosed in human body?

III. Is it possible to send sms from labview , without going for email?

Awaiting your reply.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi S.I.Saravanamurthy,

Here are some KnowledgeBase documents to help you get started with the LabVIEW and messaging side of things:

How Do I Send HTML Emails Using The SMTP Email VIs in LabVIEW?

How Can I use Microsoft SMS to Deploy NI Software

Can LabVIEW Send Text Messages to a Cell Phone?

I hope this helps!


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