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EEG, how to get from one's head into one's computer?

We have an ancient system (Neuroscan) for doing 32-channel EEG and would like to replace it with modern hardware without having to buy a super expensive turnkey system. 

The major issue, it seems, will be getting EEG signals from the cap (from Electro-Cap International) into the computer. At the very least, we need some way to amplify (microvolts?) and interface them. Is there any way to proceed?

I've seen some discussions here suggesting there is a biomedical toolkit that can help process EEG signals, and that implies someone has figured out a way to get these signals from one's head into the computer. There is also OpenBCI's Ultracortex "Mark IV", but it's just 16 channels. 

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are you trying to buy a very expensive EEG system without an amplifier? Usually the whole setup includes electrode cap, electrode box, amplifier with ADC. Software will take care of recording and export your data into a specific format like edf.

I suggest you download some eeg files from physionet and try it out with biomedical toolkit and see if it is what you want.

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I am trying to avoid buying a very expensive EEG system. Biomedical toolkit is not the issue. The issue is how to get the data there without spending an arm and a leg.

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Sorry I read it wrong. I think OpenEEG or OpenBCI worth a shot. But there's no easy way to build your own recording system.

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Yes, I discovered that and will look into it further. Thanks.

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