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ECG 3 Lead using Arduino UNO and LIFA Base Program

Hello to all biomedical user group members.

I'm currently working on final projects in university, which as my goal is to transmitt the ECG waveform (measured base on circuit i constructed) wirelessly to a computer and write a Labview VI to observe both the ECG signal and heart rate in real time. I have taken the following steps :

1. The Output and ground from the ECG circuit is connected to an analog input pin and ground of an arduino UNO. I have yet to construct the ECG circuit.

2. I have used the following code for the arduino base on LIFA (LabVIEW Interface For Arduino) and uploaded to arduino UNO,  Arduino input pins have inbuilt ADC. i have constructed gain of ECG circuit 1000 times, after that the result is range of the amplitude ECG signal from 0.5 V - 4 V, and  i have clamping that signal, so the signal can be on the positive region to be convert in ADC Arduino UNO.

3. I have used The RS-232 to USB cable to PC so that the ECG signal with LIFA succesfull working at VI LabVIEW.

4. I have constructed the VI, for example i used the F.generator and Sine waves at various frequencies 10Hz,20Hz...up to 100Hz can be transmitted well and smooth sine waves appear on the labview waveform chart. and so that for the ECG waveform, i used the digital filter HPF  and the sampling is 250Hz in VI, the ECG waveform can be transmitted well and smooth appear on the VI.

I would like to ask :

1. Since I have managed to transmit the ECG waveform to VI used RS-232 to USB from Arduino UNO and the LIFA program. Can i replace the RS-232 cable subtituted with a pair of xbee radios for wireless data transmission ??

i have a plan to constructed the Xbee radio apply to Arduino UNO transmitter, in the transmitter including the LIFA program, so the same with the receiver i have also construct Xbee radio with Arduino UNO.

2. Since that i have construct the wireless system using Xbee radios, my questions, if the LIFA program has been upload to the first Arduino (transmitter) and the ECG signal to the pin analog and ground, is there possible to transmitting and read the ECG signal from the transmitter to receiver with wireless system to the LabVIEW VI on PC ?

I very appreciate any feedback, hints and suggestions from all of you.
Thanks. Regards

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Hey Acif,

You should be able to use the Xbees to transmit the data from the 'reader' arduino back to the PC.  First you'll need to use XCTU to configure the Xbees with the correct baud rate and use the same baud rate in the LIFA firmware and in LabVIEW.  I suggest starting with a baud rate of 9600 and then increasing it later if you need faster speed.  The high the baud rate the more packet loss you'll get.  You might have to play around with the baud rates to find one that is fast and reliable for your setup.

Then you can connect one Xbee to your Arduino and another to your PC using the Xbee Explorer or a similar adapter.  In LabVIEW you use the LIFA VIs just like you did before, but instead of using the Arduino COM port you can pick the Xbee COM port.  The Xbees are basically invisible to LabVIEW at that point and they will just pass the data along to your Arduino.

Let us know if that makes sense or if you have any other questions about this.


-Sam K

LIFA Developer

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Thanks a lot Mr Sammy, for reply my problem messages,.

oke i have a module Xbee adapter V2 from Dfrobot to configures the two pairs of Xbee radios in XCTU.

the LIFA firmware its from the LIFAfirmware.h isn't it ?

Oke, thank you, i will doing your suggestions.
after i finish of that or i have a problem with, i will messages to you again. Regards.

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Thank's a lot Mr. Sammy, everything's working well

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I'm happy to help and glad to hear that you got it working.

-Sam K

LIFA Developer

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i to have the same project, can you give me the circuit.

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Well i have an easy way, check out website of cooking hack. You can also

find its circuits.

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Please sir can you post or send the code arduino-xbee for sending and receiving data from A0 to labview ??

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